We're here and the pot is boiling! Welcome to the very first episode of The Melting Potcast, featuring our first Main Ingredient episode! Our featured story is Hole Card by Scott Roche.

When Death and some of his more-than-human friends get together for a friendly game of poker, they don't expect to have a stranger join their game. They didn't expect him to win, either. And worse, they didn't expect what he did after he won...

This has been updated with the remastered (at least a little) version of the audio. I apologize for the volume issues people have been having. It comes with learning a new art form, right? It can only get better from here. I'd like to thank Nobilis Reed for the pointers already given and those to come.

You can find him here.


08/01/2014 9:03am

Good job, but I found the audio level rather low. I had to crank my speakers to get to a decent listening level.

08/05/2014 3:36am

This is what I've been hearing. A friend has given me some feedback on fixing it, and I will be remastering the episode tonight.

And this is how I learn. Thanks for listening, and the new version will be up asap!

08/24/2014 6:09am

Great episode! You say this is your first time doing this? Pretty amazing work if that's the case.
Roche's story was awesome, too! Reminds me of Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series - a personal favourite of mine.
Keep it up! <3

A. F. Grappin
09/04/2014 6:25am

Yep, first time! I've done a little video editing (amateur, of course, just for fun), so some of the principles are the same... but first time, yes. Thanks for the encouragement!


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